Facebook Advertising and Promotion Guidelines which Will Shut Your Business Down

Here are some important guidelines that Facebook has published and enforced:

Facebook lIfeguardYou may not…

· Run any sort of promotion, competition, sweepstakes etc. on your Facebook page using Facebook’s features and functionality – i.e. make sure you use an app or ‘custom page’ and not ‘like this update’ / ‘share this photo’ / ‘upload your photo to our page’ / ‘add a comment’ (and so on) to enter (more examples follow below).

· Hold Facebook responsible: So you must include a disclaimer that releases Facebook of any responsibility – e.g. You must mention something along the lines of “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook”. This is best put on the page(s) of your app and in your terms and conditions on your website.  [Following on, you must also disclose who the entrant is giving their information to. The usual wording is “Participants are providing information to [your company name and the name of any other companies who see entrants information] and not to Facebook.”]

· Use any Facebook features or functionality as part of the promotion or participation other than “liking” your page, checking in, or connecting to your app.

· Use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism – i.e. the act of “liking” your page or checking in cannot automatically register or enter the person in your promotion. Basically a condition of entry can be to “like” your page but the fan must then complete their entry on your Facebook app or custom page.

· Use the “Like” button as a way of voting (e.g. “most likes wins” is not okay). Any other Facebook feature or functionality cannot be used for voting either (e.g. The person who invites the most new fans wins …)

· Notify winners through Facebook – i.e. do not use Facebook message, chat, or posting on the winner’s page, your page, or another company’s page to notify winners.

These rules apply when promoting your promotion as well! So when you advertise (e.g. Facebook ads) or reference a promotion (e.g. in a Wall post) you need to follow the rules.

The types of promotions that some companies are using (often called Wall Promotions) are, therefore, not sanctioned because they are using Facebook features and functionality to run the promotion.

Here are examples of unauthorized activities:

  • Share this [update / photo / video etc.] to win
  • Upload a photo / video to win
  • Every 25th new fan wins…
  • Ask for Add a comment to win
  • Invite your friends to like our page
  • Answer this question to win
  • Photo with the most likes wins

We have found that many businesses have overlooked these guidelines and have gotten away with it for a while, but have, we are sorry to tell you, been shut down no matter what the business or how successful that business has been.  No warning has been given.

If you have problems with Facebook advertising not working for you, we look forward to helping you with solutions.


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